April 18, 2013

Review: Maybelline's Falsies and Mega Plush Lash mascaras

Oh my goodness! I can't remember when I started writing this post but I know it was at least March or earlier. Overdue much? I had mentioned my two mascara purchases a while back and never got around to reviewing them because I kept forgetting to take a picture of my results. Well I've finally gotten around to it and I'm not even sure if it was worth the wait (if you were waiting. that is!).

Now, let me preface this post by saying I don't have very full lashes to begin with; they are long but sort of sparse and difficult to curl. Here is a picture of my lashes without any mascara.

The first mascara I tried was Maybelline's Mega Plush Lash, a part of the Volume Express line. The purpose of this gel-mousse formula is to provide supple volume to lashes. While the formula made the application simple, it was too thin and the wand seemed very flimsy. I applied one coat in the picture below and the results weren't significant. Overall, not a bad product, but you could find better drugstore mascaras.

The second mascara I tried was the Maybelline Falsies. Both of the mascaras I picked up were from the Volume Express line because volume is my main focus for my lashes. This product not only promises volume but also added length to the ends. I definitely liked this formula better than the Mega Plush because the consistency was more on the dry side and the wand was sturdy. The volume didn't meet my expectations but the length was delivered as promised.

Overall, both mascaras were mediocre. For $6.99 it's not a terrible product, but for the time being, I will stick to L'Oreal's Volumnious False Fiber Lashes mascara. Have you tried any of the new Maybelline mascaras?

April 16, 2013


I can't help but to feel sad today. The Boston Marathon tragedy is on my mind. It was heartbreaking to see the 8 year old girl who died, participating in the marathon in honor of Sandy Hook Elementary. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims and families of not only yesterday but every tragedy we've faced, and sadly continue to face daily in some parts of the world.

It's so easy to sometimes forget all the blessings around us when our lives are so busy. I admit I'm guilty of this. Today, take a moment to say a prayer, call your loved ones to tell them you love them, and be thankful to have lived another day.

April 14, 2013

The Striped Tee: 3 different ways!

With only 15 days left for my No Shopping Challenge, I've put together 3 outfits with my absolute favorite item of clothing - a basic striped tee. They can be easily transitioned to fit any occasion with the right accessories. A striped tee is an essential in my closet because it is so versatile.

As far as the challenge goes, it's become easier to not think about shopping when work and party planning occupy most of my time. I do have a few key pieces in mind that I'd like to add to my wardrobe, but nothing that can't wait. On a side note, I've become a lot more creative with my outfits (layering, accessorizing, etc.) to make the most use of the clothing I already own.

This look below is great for a casual look or even to run errands. Effortless yet put together.

The next outfit I came up with is daytime but a little bit dressier - perfect for a lunch or day out.
Striped daytime chic

And this last outfit is a nighttime look - same shirt but the blazer and pumps make it more appropriate for an evening event.

Nighttime Striped
Splendid Striped Tee | Zara blazer | Christian Louboutin pumps
C.Wonder bangles | Topshop Jeans